You would like to go back to school, but your time does not allow it.

You want to develop a deeper understanding of blockchain, ICOs, and modern business models in order to update your resume, accelerate your career, or simply broaden your knowledge base.

You want to be surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals that will engage and challenge you.

You are looking for a truly innovative learning experience that fits into your busy schedule.

Our certificate course can help you stand out, stay current, and make an impression that lasts.

Our course is suited to anyone wanting to learn about decentralized solutions, whether it’s for your own career or personal interest.

If you’ve always been interested in new technologies, or if you think innovative concepts would be useful in your field, our program is for you.

DSA caters to individuals who would like to specialize and gain a depth of understanding in blockchain and ICO ecosystem.

It also may be of interest to working professionals whose preference is to follow a quick program of study or to learn important foundations for ICO fundraising, marketing strategies, as well as legal aspects of establishing a company in Poland & abroad.

Studying at DSA can equip you with a breadth of knowledge and range of business skills that enable you to progress into a wide range of career paths such as: business analyst, blockchain operator, community manager, Ethereum developer, growth hacker, and product designer.

No prerequisites are required to study with us. We welcome everyone with an open-mind and thirst for knowledge.

The full course will take place in a span of five days. During this time, one will develop a range of business-based skills from organising ICOs and raising funds; analysing current market & investor trends; understanding blockchain, tangle and other new technologies; as well as recognising ongoing legal challenges in the global market.

Completion of four blocks of 1.5h classes is required in order to obtain a DSA certificate. One can participate in a full day of workshops & lectures, or spread it among multiple days.

Should you be interested in partnering with DSA, please contact us at hello@dsacademy.io